Here a few samples of my newspaper and magazine writing. Some of the articles are online, while others are PDF downloads. Have a look and enjoy. You can read my PBS MediaShift articles here, and my Columbia Journalism Review columns are here. My Hour column archive is here.

Magazine writing

My Life in Dépanneurs (Maisonneuve magazine, Link)
A personal and humorous (I hope) essay about the dépanneur owners I’ve known.

RenderMan to the rescue (TQ magazine, Link)
A cover story on Brad “RenderMan” Haines, an Edmonton hacker.

Classroom 3.0: the brave new world of high-tech teaching (GlobeCampus Report, The Globe And Mail, Link)
A feature article about how technology is changing the classroom experience at Canadian universities.

Reliable News: Errors Aren’t Part of the Equation (Harvard’s Nieman Reports, Link)
An essay about why  accuracy must maintain its place at the top of the list of essential ingredients in the transition to digital journalism

The School of Hard Knocks (Toro magazine, PDF)
Behind the scenes of a Quebec-based reality porn show where aspiring performers get put through the paces on their way to adult stardom.

In The Company of Men (Toro, PDF)
In this piece I was one of three writers sent to visit male bonding groups across the country. I went to a Mankind meeting in Montreal. It was an overwhelming experience.

The Pits of Hell (Toro, PDF)
This is a humorous, informative health feature about my personal experience with sweat. Hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, is a condition that affects 3 percent of the population. I went to see one of Canada’s leading sweat doctors to see if I am one of the lucky 3 percent. I ended up getting Botoxed.

Trading Bread for Dough (Report on [Small] Business, Link)
An excerpt of a feature about how Ace Bakery was sold to new owners.

Kickin’ it New School (TQ magazine, Link)
How Concordia University is using new technology to serve students.

Naked Ambition (Report on [Small] Business magazine, Link)
A business profile of a Montreal couple who turned their swinging lifestyle into a major adult business.

Rosenthal’s Legacy: The Corrections (Editor & Publisher, Link)
An opinion piece examining the impact that former New York Times Executive Editor A.M. Rosenthal had on the newspaper correction.

Corporate Survival Guide (Report on Business magazine, PDF)
A series of articles offering surprising and amusing advice to executives.

Bonanza in the oil patch (TQ magazine, Link)
A Calgary company hits pay dirt with a wireless ticketing system for its workers in the field.

Undercover marketing (The NewCanadian, PDF
A look inside the world of “experiential marketing.”

Man behind the woman: Scott Vineberg (Scarlett, PDF)
A profile of the male half of a married retailing team.

The Business of Religion (The NewCanadian, PDF)
Christianity in the consumer age.

The Business of Death (The NewCanadian, PDF)
Inside the burgeoning funeral industry.

Newspaper writing

Public Domain Books, Ready for Your iPod (New York Times, Link)
This is a feature article and sidebar about LibriVox and other services offering free audiobooks of works in the public domain. “The results range from solo readings done by amateurs in makeshift home studios to high-quality recordings read by actors or professional voice talent.”

Power of the Spoken Book (Montreal Gazette, Link)
Another feature on LibriVox, this time with more about its Montreal-based founder and the power of distributed communities.

Turbocharged (Globe And Mail, Link)
A feature on the Montreal aerospace industry.

Another year of errors and regrets (Toronto Star, Link)
An op-ed about media errors and accuracy. Have to admit I love one of the reader comments on the story: “The world (and the Star) needs more Craig Silverman!”

Canoodling co-workers: Sign on the dotted line (The Globe And Mail, Link)
A look at the use of “love contracts” in the workplace.

Too busy organizing to be productive (The Globe And Mail, Link)
A feature about the exploding productivity industry.

The traditional job interview: That’s so yesterday (The Globe And Mail, Link)
How employers are using new ways to evaluate applicants.

Smile, Big Brother’s watching (The Globe And Mail, Link)
A feature about workplace surveillance.

Hold the bonus – give me 24 inches of pure joy (The Globe And Mail, Link)
Can widescreen monitors really improve worker productivity?

Beats with a bullet (HOUR, Link)
“In May 1946, a muscular Cuban landed in New York with one drum and a bullet lodged in the base of his spine.”

Questioning the scandal surrounding Rev. Darryl Grey (HOUR, Link)
As his court date approaches, questions keep piling up about Rev. Darryl Gray’s high-profile case. Has this Montreal black community leader been made a martyr?

Montreal clothier incurs wrath of NY Post (The Globe And Mail, Link)
“A small but popular Montreal clothing label is engaged in a political fashion fight with one of the world’s premiere gossip columns, The New York Post’s Page Six.”

Archenemy: The Daily Show (HOUR, Link)
Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee on buns in your face, taking fakery seriously, and why Jon Stewart poops in a bag.